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Professional logistics solutions from any point in the world to another.

Efe Logistics Group

About Us

“Efe Logistics Group”, the starting point of which was in 1995, provides services in all strategic logistics areas, including domestic and international transportation, customs clearance, port, storage and stocking, integrated with international project, airline, road, rail, sea, multimodal, chartering transportation systems. . Being aware of the future value of the logistics industry, we continued to increase our group's own assets and to develop our fleet, which is our source of pride, in a highly successful 27-year period.

“Efe Logistics Group” has provided the best service to all our customers who need heavy cargo and project transportation for years and has always carried its flag to the forefront in this important lane of logistics. In line with the characteristics of the transported equipment, it has been our priority to perform the service correctly and on time, and time loss has been minimized. All our vehicles are tracked online via GPS connection, land transportation processes are monitored simultaneously, and efficient operations are created for the customer. Bonded / Duty Free with our own or rented warehouses; We provide general scope storage services for Multi-Client customers.

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We are the leader in the project, one of the best in logistics…

As Efe Logistics Group, we offer the newest and most accurate solutions for you in the global logistics network that is developing and growing day by day.
We are proud to bring the best to the best.

Efe Logistics Group


As Efe Logistics Group, as can be understood from our reference project shipments, we have our signature in logistics services offered all over the world and at points where normal process management cannot be successful, regardless of the size, volume, characteristics and conditions of the region where the business is carried out, since 1995.

We are always at your service with our tarpaulin, refrigerated, container tanker and lowbed vehicles by offering alternative solutions even in your project works in difficult and niche areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia and Central Asia.

Efe Logistics Group

What We Do ?

We have established offices that serve our customers with a 24/7 accurate and robust communication network. We provided transfer service, Iraq closed storage service and private security convoy services in Northern Iraq and Southern destinations. We took pride in being a company sensitive to animal rights by participating in social responsibility projects (HAYTAP).

Efe Logistics Group

We Provide Logistics Solutions from A to Z.

"Efe Logistics Group" is a dynamic company that brings a brand new understanding to the logistics sector,
always adopting accurate information and timely service as a principle.

Our Group Companies